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Future-proofing businesses for sustainability, profitability,
and growth
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ReVenture is a consulting group focused on supporting growing businesses to find better, more efficient ways to serve their customers. We help start-ups, small to medium-sized companies, and community initiatives emerge and thrive.
Our team delivers industry-leading expertise in:
Business Development
  • Entering new customer segments

  • Developing effective strategic partnerships

  • Proving the triple bottom line of your initiative, project, or product

  • Future-proofing with responsible and efficient solutions

Digital Marketing
  • Implementing innovative, high-growth digital marketing

  • Identifying high-converting marketing channels

Leadership & Coaching
  • Accessing the right expertise at the right time

  • Creating conditions for thriving workplace cultures 

Funding & Revenue
  • Gaining exposure and response from investors

  • Closing sales with new customers

Design & Manufacturing
  • Navigating your roadmap from ideation to project launch 

  • Crafting responsible supplier and distribution strategy

The opportunity for disruptive innovation is massive and worth getting right.


We believe the future needs business strategies different from the ones that have served us in the past. We can help you succeed in ways that are energizing, highly sustainable, profitable, and healthy.

About Us
“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


Accelerating your project's success is about seeing beyond the curve in the road.


We want to work with you.

We collaborate and support decision makers such as VPs, CEOs, COOs, and department leads.


Our cross-functional team creates three quick wins & fresh solutions to scalability, sustainability, and market challenges.


We support development of products and services from concept through to production.


We provide innovation and fresh perspective to stay competitive, future-friendly, and sustainable.



"Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress."  - Li Keqiang


We are committed to helping shape your vision by addressing immediate needs and identifying those that you haven't yet considered.



ReVenture Consulting  

Traditional approaches to scaling your business rely on you to gain the knowledge, develop the best strategic plan for success, and effectively manage teams. Some of the needed skills inevitably will be be outside your core expertise. It takes time, resources, and energy to develop those skills — time you can't always afford. 


By working with us, you can reposition your resources and amplify outcomes.
  • Access one cross-functional team with a broad range of expertise

  • Shape the vision to uncover breakthrough results

  • Validate customer strategy and response first

  • Start with a ‘Quick-Wins’ Growth Plan to get early traction

  • Invest in relationships for long-term success and synergy

  • Various players provide scattered expertise with turnover risk

  • Contractors focus on deliverables within defined constraints

  • Heavy investment to achieve under-supported outcomes

  • Long-term commitment lacking personalization and execution emphasis

  • Focus on transactions; not partnerships


Our Process



  • Uncover the client business objectives

  • Create a mutual understanding of success


  • Validate assumptions

  • Clarify customer needs and market opportunity

  • Prioritize high impact value


  • Review available options and new strategic approaches

  • Collaborate to establish a ‘Quick Wins’ Growth Plan

  • Construct longer-term milestones and financial plans


  • Execute ‘Quick Wins’ Growth Plan

  • Collect customer insights to iterate and optimize

  • Deepen support to produce a visionary strategic and sustainable direction and roadmap

Experts in Business Growth

ReVenture understands the foundations successful initiatives — People, Sustainability, Strategy, Execution and Cash. 

Our hard-won expertise comes from industry-leading work in leadership, sustainability, digital strategy, marketing, business development, responsibly-sourced manufacturing, and strategic planning.  


Using organizational science, we shape a culture of leadership for high-performing, effective, and scalable teams to thrive.


We design systems ensure the responsible use of resources to deliver on the triple bottom line.


We focus on charting the course to get from where you are now to maximum ROI.

Image by NESA by Makers


We team up with our clients to execute strategy and monitor performance toward your goals.


Growth requires financial stability. We collaborate with clients to design the right funding and revenue models.

Our Process

Our Client Success

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